Episode 3

Published on:

24th Jun 2020

Hard Stop | Episode 3 | Starfinder

Today's Episode: Having left Castrovel, Things are going well on the way to Akiton when the Jo Lynn is abruptly yanked out of FTL travel.

Into the Dungeon Presents: Starfinder is our show dedicated to weekly short episodes. We use the Paizo Starfinder system with some homebrewed changes to FTL travel and history.





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Creed Brandley

Justin Powell

Patrick McCannon

Ashley Hedges

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Into the Dungeon: Starfinder
Small stories told on a galactic stage!
Small stories told on a galactic stage!

Veteran Dungeon Master, Creed Brandley navigates four life long friends through the perils of space. We utilize improvisation and dice rolls to tell a story, live every week.

Each episode will be between 1 and 2 hours long in order to provide easily consumable episodes for our listeners.

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